House System

Upon admission to the school, each student is assigned to a Form in their Year group and one of our six Houses. 

Our House system fosters a great sense of belonging and identity amongst our school community and creates six mini schools within the larger school setting. Each of the six Houses, which are identified by different coloured House ties, is led by a Head of House and supported by a Deputy Head of House and non-teaching House Officer.

The House Team is responsible for ensuring the welfare of students. They lead their team of Form Tutors and work closely with parents and carers to make sure a support structure is in place for every student.

House assemblies, comprising all House members from Years 7-11 are held regularly and each House holds fundraising events throughout the year for their chosen House charity. As part of our Student Voice programme for students to share their ideas and feedback, Form Representatives from each Form meet as a House Council, which then feeds into the whole School Council.

Across the year, we have a wide variety of Inter-House competitions and activities from different subject areas, culminating in the final Sports Day competition at the end of the school year when the overall winning House for the year is announced.