We have a dedicated team of talented and inspirational staff who are committed to delivering the highest standards for each and every child at the Academy.

We strongly believe that outstanding staff are essential to delivering an outstanding education. We put a lot of effort into recruiting the very best people. We then invest heavily in their continuing professional training and development. 

Teaching Staff
Mr R Ahmed Teacher of Religious Studies / Pupil Premium Engagement Support Coordinator
Mr A Amiri Teacher of History
Mr R Ashton Teacher of Science
Miss J Attwood Co-Head of Design Technology
Mrs L Baker Head of Religious Studies
Mr A Ball Teacher of Science
Miss K Benzie Teacher of English
Mrs J Binks Head of Computing and IT / Assistant Head of Year
Ms H Bowers Teacher of Modern Languages
Miss A Boyd Teacher of Mathematics / KS5 Mathematics Coordinator
Mrs S Bremner Teacher of Art & Design
Mr G Brighouse Assistant Headteacher / Teacher of English
Mr P Bryan Teacher of Music / 2nd in Performing Arts
Mr C Buckley Teacher of Physical Education
Mrs K Burgess Teacher of History / Head of Year 8
Mr M Casey Teacher of BEICT / Acting Head of ICT
Mrs A Chendo Teacher of BEICT
Mrs H Cooke Teacher of Mathematics
Miss S Cooper Teacher of History / Head of Year 11
Mrs J Cosgrove Head of Performing Arts
Mrs V Cox Teacher of Science
Mr B Craven Teacher of Science
Miss H Creamer Teacher of Drama
Miss Q Crowley Teacher of English
Miss A Cuerden Teacher of Design Technology
Mrs L Davies Teacher of English
Mr M Davies Teacher of Science / Head of Biology
Mr P Deay Assistant Headteacher / Teacher of Modern Languages
Miss E Derbyshire Teacher of Physical Education
Ms H Donlon Teacher of Science
Miss N Dorkin Teacher of Physical Education / Head of Year 10
Ms L Douglas Head of English / Associate Assistant Headteacher
Miss E Dulson Head of Science
Miss R Eaton Teacher of English
Mr D Eden Teacher of Mathematics
Mr J Edgar Teacher of Physical Education
Mrs S Edwards Teacher of Media / Assistant Head of Year 11
Miss J Edwards Teacher of Religious Studies / SENDCO
Mr S Elliott Head of Geography
Mr S English Teacher of Mathematics
Mr G Evans Headteacher
Mr B Evans Teacher of History & Politics / Head of Year 7
Mr M Farrer Head of History / Associate Assistant Headteacher
Miss N Fellows Teacher of English / KS4 English Coordinator
Mrs C Gall Teacher of Design Technology / KS3 DT Coordinator
Mr S Garry Head of Physical Education
Miss E Giles Teacher of History
Mrs S Giles Teacher of Mathematics
Mr A Gledhill Teacher of Science
Mr P Goodwin Deputy Headteacher / Teacher of Mathematics
Ms G Graves Teacher of Music
Miss L Griffiths Teacher of English
Dr S Hale Assistant Headteacher / Teacher of Science
Miss D Hall Teacher of Physical Education
Mrs H Hanson Teacher of Geography / Duke of Edinburgh Award Coordinator
Miss F Harris Teacher of Modern Languages
Mr M Hay Head of Mathematics 
Mrs E Hay Teacher of Mathematics / Professional Mentor for trainees/School Direct
Mrs M Heaton Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs J Heyes Teacher of Physical Education
Mrs E Hughes Teacher of H&S and Child Development / BTEC Quality Nominee
Mr R Humphreys Teacher of Modern Languages
Miss H Jackson Teacher of English
Mr S James Teacher of Geography
Mr S Jenkins Teacher of Food Technology / Co-Head of Design Technology
Mr L Jepson Teacher of Physical Education / Assistant Sendco
Mrs C Kane Deputy Headteacher / Teacher of Science
Miss M Kavanagh Teacher of Art & Design & Textiles
Miss S Kehoe Teacher of Science
Mr A Keller Teacher of Music
Mr D Kelly Teacher of Geography
Miss L Kennedy Head of Social Sciences
Mr D Kerr Teacher of BEICT / Acting Head of Computing
Mrs A Kitchener Teacher of English / KS5 English Coordinator
Mrs V Knight Teacher of Food Technology / 2nd in Design Technology
Miss H Lago Teacher of Art & Design
Miss A Lamb Teacher of Drama / Cover Supervisor
Mrs C Lambert Teacher of History
Mrs N Lee Teacher of History / Head of Year 9
Miss K Lowden Teacher of English
Mr O Mahoney Teacher of Science
Mr E Marks Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs K Masher Teacher of Social Sciences / Head of KS3 Pastoral Teams
Mr A McCann Teacher of BEICT / Head of KS4 Pastoral Teams
Mrs S McKeever Teacher of Science / Acting Head of Health & Social
Mr I McNulty Assistant Headteacher / Teacher of English
Mrs P Mellado Head of Modern Languages
Miss R Miller Teacher of Religious Studies
Mr J Mitchell Teacher of Modern Languages
Mrs R Moore Teacher of Science
Mr G Morgan-Walker Teacher of Design Technology
Mr N Mottram Teacher of Modern Languages
Mrs H Mullin Teacher of Music
Mrs C Murphy Teacher of Modern Languages
Mrs H Neill Teacher of English / Acting KS4 English coordinator
Mr S Parker Teacher of Mathematics
Miss R Parker 2nd in Science
Miss E Parr Teacher of Modern Languages
Mr R Pearson Teacher of Physical Education
Mrs L Philcock Head of Art & Design
Mrs A Pickwell Teacher of Art & Design & Textiles / ECT Induction Mentor
Mr M Pickwell Teacher of Social Sciences / Head of Year 13
Miss A Poole Teacher of English
Miss F Pugh Teacher of English / KS3 English coordinator
Mrs S Rashid Teacher of BEICT
Mr M Ravenscroft Teacher of English / Assistant Head of Year 8
Mr P Roberts Teacher of BEICT
Mrs H Robertson Teacher of Drama
Mr P Riley Teacher of History
Miss E Rylance Teacher of English
Mr J Scragg Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs F Shiel Teacher of Design Technology / Assistant Head of Year 9
Ms J Simms-Crewe  Teacher of Science / Assistant Head of Year 7
Miss S Sinclair 2nd in Modern Languages
Mrs C Starkey Teacher of Mathematics / KS4 Mathematics Coordinator
Miss L Stone Teacher of Mathematics / KS3 Mathematics Coordinator
Mrs H Stones Assistant Headteacher (Head of 6th Form) / Teacher of Science
Miss K Talbot Teacher of Geography / Assistant Head of Year 10
Miss K Turner Teacher of Mathematics / Head of Year 12
Mr L Twist Teacher of Religious Studies / PSHE Lead 
Mrs R Wardle Deputy Headteacher / Teacher of English
Miss S Warne Teacher of Science / Head of Physics
Mr L Welsh Teacher of Design Technology / Electronic Product Coordinator
Mr V Whalley Teacher of Science
Mr P Whittaker Teacher of English
Mr S Wilkinson Teacher of Religious Studies
Mr C Wilson Head of BEICT
Mrs S Wilson Teacher of Science / Head of Chemistry
Mr D Wright Teacher of Mathematics
Support Staff
Mrs J Almond Department Assistant - BEICT, Mathematics
Mrs C Aston Science Lab Technician
Miss H Bate Argent Year Officer
Mr M Bennett Teaching Assistant
Mr A Bennett Music Peri  
Mrs C Boswell Catering Assistant
Mrs G Bourke Catering Assistant
Mrs C Boyd Teaching Assistant
Mrs G Buchan School Counsellor
Mrs L Canning Year Officer
Miss J Cartwright Teaching Assistant
Mrs B Chamberlain Catering Assistant
Mrs C Cheung EAL Co-Ordinator
Mrs K Cholmondley Catering Assistant
Miss A Clark Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Clemson Librarian
Mr L Collis Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Cowell Behaviour & Safeguarding Support Worker
Miss E Cruz Catering Assistant
Mrs D Dale Cook Supervisor
Mrs A Deeley Catering Assistant
Miss C Delmont Exams Officer
Mrs H Donson-Jones Sixth Form Admin
Mrs L Dutton Attendance Assistant
Mrs E Dyson-Jones Teaching Assistant
Ms K Evans Cover Admin Assistant / ARR Data Officer
Mr M Fairhurst Maintenance Officer
Miss J Florence Catering Assistant
Mrs S Forbes Catering Assistant
Mrs P French HLTA
Mrs K Fullerton IT Network Manager
Mr M Green Maintenance Officer
Mrs A Hales Attendance Officer
Mrs M Hammond Science Lab Technician
Mr S Johnson Premises Manager
Miss T Johnson Cover Supervisor
Miss E Jones Teaching Assistant
Ms R Ko Cover Supervisor
Ms N Kwok Cover Supervisor
Ms K Lee Catering Assistant
Mr P Leighton Jones Music Peri  
Mrs J Lewis Headteacher's PA / Office Manager
Mrs H Lines Receptionist
Miss M Linton-Shone SEND Admin Assistant
Miss N Lythgoe Staff Absence Administrator
Mrs T Machin Science Lab Tech
Mrs S Mather Teaching Assistant
Mr G Mayhew Teaching Assistant
Miss S Kent Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Miss G Miller Catering Assistant
Mrs K Millington Admin Assistant
Mr G Mitchell Department Assistant - Design Technology
Mrs D Mitton Catering Assistant
Mrs S Moran Catering Assistant
Mrs K Morter Catering Supervisor
Mrs M Moss Teaching Assistant
Miss S Morris Key Stage 5 Academic Mentor
Mr P Nash Maintenance Officer
Mr K Ovington Maintenance Officer
Miss E Peers Behaviour & Inclusion (Internal Suspension Room)
Mrs C Pilling Music Peri  
Mrs D Pitt Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Plunkett Department Assistant - Art & Design, Textiles & Performing Arts
Mr A Prescott Year Officer
Miss E Reilly English Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Rhodes School Counsellor
Mrs K Robinson Attendance Assistant
Mrs G Rodgers Year Officer
Mrs H Ross Catering Assistant
Mrs L Simpson Caretaker
Mr M Smith Teaching Assistant
Mrs T Smith Catering Manager
Mrs S Smith Cook
Mrs J Snowden Catering Assistant
Miss J Stanton Year Officer
Mr B Walker Department Assistant - Physical Education
Ms E Walker Reprographics Officer 
Ms V Walker Catering Assistant
Miss J Walton SEND Literacy Assistant
Mrs J Ward Cook
Ms M Welsby Catering Assistant
Mrs G Wenmoth Teaching Assistant
Miss V Whitfield Catering Assistant
Mrs A Williams Senior Science Lab Technician
Mrs S Winstanley Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Woodroffe Behaviour & Safeguarding Support Worker
Mrs M Wright Music Peri & Music Services Manager