Our letters and announcements to parents/ carers are sent using My Child at School and via email to the parent/ carer address we have on record. 

At Great Sankey High School we use an online system called My Child at School (MCAS) to track student attendance and behaviour throughout the school day. One of the key benefits of using MCAS is that we are able to securely share your child(s) achievements with you and to keep you up to date in real-time. It also has a parent App which runs on Android and iOS which allows parents to easily report student absence and receive announcements and letters from school electronically.

Parents and Carers will be sent an email inviting them to download and sign in to the app when a student joins us.

Copies of recent letters and newsletters can be found below.

Our contact page can be found here.

Great Sankey High School Newsletters & Letters

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