We want our students to be inspired to contribute to society and to become proactive responsible citizens who pursue careers they are passionate about.  To deliver this Great Sankey is part of the Warrington and Cheshire Pledge Partnership which enables businesses to work together with schools to provide every young person with everything they need to succeed in the world of work. Students develop their employability skills, the personal qualities needed to be successful in adult life and have opportunities to consider a broad and ambitious range of careers. 

Our careers curriculum is built around the Gatsby Benchmark Framework and provides students at different stages in school with relevant educational opportunities, information, advice and guidance to help them make informed choices.  The school has an Independent Careers Advisor and a Careers Enterprise Coordinator.  All year groups have access to the career's platform ‘Unifrog.’  


In Years 7-9 the focus is on exploring potential careers and future aspirations, challenging career stereotypes. identifying important employability skills and evaluating their own strengths and weaknesses whilst recording any relevant activities that develop these skills.  In Year 9 focus is on choosing GCSE options.  


In Years 10 and 11 the focus turns to exploring available post-16 opportunities with associated information advice and guidance whilst building a profile of meaningful encounters with further education, apprenticeship and traineeship providers and super-curricular activities which enhance their CV, including a week-long work experience placement in year 10.  


In Years 12 & 13 the focus turns to exploring post-18 opportunities with associated information advice and guidance whilst building a profile of meaningful encounters with higher education, apprenticeship providers and employers and super-curricular activities which enhance their CV, including a week-long executive shadowing placement in year 12. 

Careers Contacts  

Rhianne Bond – SLT Careers Lead  
Email: rhianne.bond@greatsankey.org  
Tel: 01925 724 118  

Stacey Lowe – Independent Careers Advisor  
Email: stacey.lowe@greatsankey.org  
Tel: 01925 724 118 

Our Careers Policy and Provider Access Policy can be found on the Policies and Reports section of this website.