We are thrilled to announce the recent success of Sol, a dedicated and talented student from our school, at the Manchester British Open Taekwondo Competition held on the 27th and 28th of April. Sol, who has been training in taekwondo for seven years and currently holds a red belt, is working diligently towards achieving his black belt. His hard work and perseverance have truly paid off, as demonstrated by his outstanding performance at the competition.


Sol achieved a remarkable array of accolades, including:


  • Bronze in Under 18 Synchronised Poomsae: This event involves the performance of patterns of moves in synchronization with a partner or group, showcasing precision and coordination.
  • Silver in Over 18 Synchronised Poomsae: Competing in a higher age category, Sol proved his versatility and skill by securing the silver medal.
  • Silver in Under 18 Sparring: Demonstrating his combat skills, Sol fought his way to a silver medal in this highly competitive category.
  • Champion of Champions (Winner in Grade): Sol was awarded the prestigious title of Champion of Champions, highlighting his exceptional ability and dedication.
  • Best Team Award: Sol's team, Millennium Taekwondo, was honoured with the award for the overall best team, a testament to their collective talent and hard work.

While Sol’s sporting achievements are remarkable, his coach was particularly impressed by his attitude of respect and humility towards his competitors. Sol's exemplary behaviour and sportsmanship were as commendable as his physical prowess, reflecting the true spirit of taekwondo.

Sol's remarkable character extends far beyond the confines of the taekwondo arena. His coach's observations regarding his attitude of respect and humility towards his competitors find resonance within our school community. The Year 10 pastoral team has also noted these admirable traits in Sol's school life, further underscoring his exemplary conduct and character.

Sol's demonstration of respect and humility is not limited to his interactions within the realm of sports; rather, it permeates every aspect of his school life. Whether in the classroom, during extracurricular activities, or in his interactions with peers and teachers, Sol consistently exhibits traits of kindness, consideration, and humility.


Sol’s parents and our entire school community are immensely proud of his achievements. His success serves as an inspiration to all students, demonstrating the importance of dedication, respect, and humility both in sports and in life.


Congratulations, Sol, on your fantastic achievements and for representing our school with such distinction!