Choosing subject options for Year 10 is a major decision and an exciting opportunity for students. It is vital that choices are only made after the most careful consideration of all the alternatives. Some subjects are, of course, compulsory and have to be taken. Where students have the opportunity to select other courses, it is obviously important to maintain a broad and balanced programme of study in order to keep as many opportunities open to them as possible for the future. Throughout Year 9, students will complete a number of activities in PSHE to support them with selecting their Key Stage 4 options.  So much in the future depends on the students achieving good GCSE results.

The more successful each student is; the more choices will be available when considering a career. At Great Sankey High School, we offer a wide range of courses to suit many individual tastes and needs, all of which provide opportunities for students to be successful and help prepare them for the next stage of their life. The whole Options process is designed to inform students and parents as fully as possible about the choices available to them. Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs C Kane (Deputy Headteacher) if you require any additional information.

Key dates:

Monday 14th January 2019

Year 9 Key Stage 4 and Guided Options Assembly

Monday 21st January 2019

Year 9 UCAS session in PSHE. This will provide students with the opportunity to look at how their GCSE options can affect their future pathways.  It will allow those students planning or thinking of applying to university to explore which GCSE’s may be required for chosen degree courses. For those pupils not thinking of attending university, it will give them the option to consider the variety of options open to them following the completion of their GCSE’s. All students must remain in either education or employment with training now until they are 18.

Thursday 24th January 2019

Key Stage 4 and Guided Options Evening for students and parents. This event will provide the opportunity to hear about the course available through subject led presentations. It will also provide an opportunity for parents and students to discuss with key staff information provided in the Options booklet

Thursday 7th February 2019

Year 9 Parents Evening will provide parents with the opportunity to speak with their son/daughter’s current teachers about their progress in their subjects and their individual aptitude for that subject.

Friday 15th February 2019

The form for Option Choices must be completed, signed by the parent, student and form tutor and submitted today. If a student can complete the section on possible, career plans we can help to ensure their options will support their ambitions whilst being careful that they do not specialise too early and limit possible career changes in the future.

Week beginning Monday 25th February 2019

The latest set of ‘on track for’ at the end of Key Stage 4 data sent home.  This should help to confirm that students can achieve in the option subjects they have chosen.

Thursday 28th February 2019

Review afternoon (1:30pm-6:00pm). This is a 1:1 session with the students’ form tutor and SLT to discuss the option preferences selected, progress to date and provide the opportunity to discuss in further detail and key points arisen.

Each of these occasions is intended to form part of the process of decision-making this term. However, we can provide a variety of less formal opportunities for students to ask form tutors and subject teachers about any aspects of the Key Stage 4 courses.

Year 9 Options Booklet

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