Senior Leadership Team

Mr J Wright                                                 Executive Headteacher

Mrs P Crawley                                            Headteacher

Ms K Beswick                                             Deputy Headteacher

Mr A Day                                                     Assistant Headteacher-Director of Teaching School

Mr G Brighouse                                          Assistant Headteacher

Mr P Masher                                              Assistant Headteacher

Mrs S Harrison                                           Assistant Headteacher

Mrs L Stubbs                                               Assistant Headteacher

Mr C Wright                                                Assistant Headteacher

Mr A Keating                                              Business & Finance Director

Mrs J Malone                                             Designated Safeguarding Lead


Strategic Leadership Group

Mrs M Clarke                                             Strategic Leader

Mrs A Howard                                            Strategic Leader

Mrs K Turner                                               Strategic Leader


Teaching Staff List September 2017

Jon Wright Executive Headteacher

Paula Crawley Headteacher



Mrs C Stazicker                                    Head of Art

Mrs L Forber                                               Head of PSHE & Citizenship/Art

Mrs L Philcock                                            Art

Mrs A Pickwell                                           NQT Induction Mentor/Textiles/Art

Mr C Rose                                                    Art



Mr D Proudfoot                                  Head of BEICT Faculty

Mrs R Bond                                               Head of Year 13 /Business/Law

Miss S Dempsey (maternity leave)      Business Studies /ICT

Miss R Hall                                                Business Studies/ICT

Miss J Rust                                                Business Studies/ICT

Mr P Gray                                                  Business Studies/ICT

Mr T Nugent                                              ICT/ Computing

Mr L Stewart                                             Business Studies/ ICT

Mrs S Noble                                               ICT

Mrs L Stubbs                                             Assistant Head

Mr R Ulring                                               Head of ICT/ ICT

Mr C Wright                                              Assistant Head


Design and Technology

Miss J Attwood                                    Head of Design Technology

Mrs C Gall                                                   KS3 Co-ordinator/Design & Technology

Mr G Morgan-Walker                               Engineering

Mrs F Shiel                                                  Design & Technology

Mr L Welsh                                                 Electronic Prod. Co-ordinator/Design & Technology

Mrs V Knight                                              2nd in Design & Technology i/c Food

Mr S Jenkins                                              Food Technology

Mr J Rugen                                                Automotive



Miss R Johnson                                   Head of Drama

Mr A Day                                                     Director of Teaching School/ Drama

Mr S L Egan                                                i/c Media Studies Drama

Miss H Graham                                          Drama



Miss K Longshaw                                Head of English

Mr G Brighouse                                          Assistant Head/English

Ms C Bird                                                     Head of KS4 English

Mrs H Crowder                                           English

Mr M Bentham                                           English

Miss S Donaghy                                          English

Ms P Fizsimon                                            English

Miss L Lo                                                     English

Mrs H Neill                                                  English

Miss S O’Neill                                             English

Mrs L Penketh                                            Heads of KS3 English

Miss A Robinson                                        English

Mr G Small                                                  English

Mr R Vose                                                    English

Mrs Y Wilson                                              Head of KS5 English



Ms R Anders                                         Head of Careers/Religious Studies

Mrs L Baker                                          Head of Religious Studies

Mr P Davies                                               Religious Studies

Mr T Barry                                                 Religious Studies

Mr L Twist                                                 Religious Studies

Mr M Farrar                                        Head of History

Mrs N Lee                                                  Head of House (Parks)/History

Mrs K Burgess                                           History

Mr B Evans                                                History

Ms A Howard                                            History

Ms V Jackson                                      Head of Geography

Ms J Chadwick                                          Geography

Mr S James                                                Geography

Ms S Udon                                                 Geography

Mr J Stocks                                                Geography

Mr C Foster                                                Geography



Mr M Hay                                              Head of Mathematics

Miss K Beswick                                         Deputy Head-Data/Mathematics

Mr J Brophy                                              Head of KS4 Mathematics

Ms M Clark                                                Strategic Leader/Mathematics

Ms E Davies                                               Mathematics

Mrs S Giles                                                 Mathematics

Mr L Foster                                                Head of KS3 Mathematics

Ms E Hammond                                        Pupil Premium Lead for Mathematics

Mrs E Hay                                                  Mathematics

Mr J Kong                                                  Mathematics

Mr C Newns                                              Head of KS5 Mathematics

Mr S Parker                                               Mathematics

Mr J Peers                                                 Mathematics

Ms L Wright                                              Mathematics

Mrs C Starkey                                           Mathematics

Miss K Turner                                           Timetabler/Mathematics



Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs C Robins                                       Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Mr S Cosgrove                                           German

Ms R Cullen                                               French/Spanish

Mrs P Mellado                                           Head of Spanish

Mrs A Mueller                                           Head of German (French/German)

Miss S Sinclair                                          Spanish



Miss J M Foster                                       Head of Music (i/c Instrumental Tuition)

Mr P Bryan                                                  Music

Mrs H Mullin                                              Music

Mr A Thompson                                        Music


Physical Education

Mr A Gee                                                 Head of Physical Education

Mr M Bate                                                   Head of House (Newton)/Physical Education

Miss Z Bayne (maternity leave)              Head of House (Bannister)/Physical Education

Miss N Dorkin                                            Physical Education

Mr S Garry                                                  Physical Education

Miss D Hall                                                 Physical Education

Mrs J Heyes (maternity leave)                Physical Education

Mr P Masher                                              Assistant Head/Physical Education

Mrs N Woodruff                                        Physical Education D of E

Miss T Froehling                                       Physical Education



Mrs H Stones                                             Head of Science

Mr R Ashton                                                Physics

Mr K Brindle                                                Head of Physics

Mr B Cawthorn                                           Head of House (Thompson)/Biology

Mr R Chard                                                  Head of Chemistry

Mr A Gledhill                                               Head of KS3 Science/Physics

Mr S Gould                                                  Physics

Mrs S Harrison                                           Assistant Head/Chemistry

Miss E Hinde                                               Chemistry

Mr C Proudlove                                          Physics

Mrs C Robertson                                        Head of Biology

Miss G Roughley                                       Chemistry

Miss N Sedgewick                                    Biology

Mrs J Simms-Crewe                                 Chemistry

Mrs K Steele                                               Head of House (Stephenson)/Biology

Miss S Warne                                             Physics

Mr V Whalley                                             Chemistry

Mrs J Whitfield                                           Biology

Miss S Wilson                                             Chemistry


Social Sciences

Miss C Cunningham                           Head of Social Sciences

Mr S Ben-Ali                                               Social Sciences

Mr M Pickwell                                            Head of Year 13 College/ Social Sciences

Mrs K Masher                                            Head of House (Austen) /Social Sciences




Director of Business and Finance                               Allan Keating

Headteacher’s PA                                                                      Mrs J Lewis

Teaching Schools Administrator                                            Miss C Delmont

Snr Admin Officer/ARR Data                                                 Miss K Evans

Whole School Admin/Cover/Exams                                     Mrs D Moore

Receptionist                                                                               Miss S Jones

School Services Admin Clerk                                                  Mrs C Williams

Mrs N Treanor                                                                           SENDCO

House Support Assistant                                                         Mrs G Buchan (Stephenson & Thompson)

House Support Assistant                                                         Mrs K Cahill (Austen & Bannister)

House Support Assistant                                                         Mrs L Canning (Newton & Parks)

Sixth Form Administration                                                  Mrs H Donson Jones

 Finance Manager                                                             Mrs A Tomlinson

Snr Finance Officer/EVC Admin                                             Miss J Holland

ICT Technicians                                                                           Mr L Green & Mr J Green

Reprographics                                                                              Mrs C Williams

Exam Officer                                                                                 Ms J Page

Learning Resource Centre                                                        Mrs J Clemson

Drama/Media Suites Technician                                           Mr J Anstee


Maintenance Officers                                                                 Mr P Nash

Mr K Ovington

Caretakers                                                                                    Mr B Cartledge

Mr D Whitfield



Snr Science Lab Technician                                    Mrs A Williamsarper H

Technicians                                                                     Mrs C Aston

Mrs T Machin


Cover Supervisors                                                    Mr G Mayhew


Learning Mentor-Pupil Premium Children     Sammi Adams

Learning Mentor-Looked After Children          Alys Steele



Department Assistants

Department Assistant -DT                                                      Mr M Downey

Department Asst -History, Geog, RE, PSHE                         Mrs A Ablett

Department Asst -BEICT, Maths                                             Mrs J Almond

Department Asst -English, MFL, Media                                Mrs L Patterson

Department Asst -Art, Music, Drama, PE                             Mrs S Plunkett


Teaching Assistants-Learner Support

Paula French (HLTA)

Jackie Rauer (HLTA)


Catherine Boyd                                                            Emma Jones

Liz Dyson Jones                                                          Leonie Gallagher

Marcus Griffiths                                                         Jan Harper

Sharon Mather                                                            Maureen Moss

Andrew Prescott                                                         Joanna Walton

Wendy Rowbotham                                                   Alison Smith

Martin Smith                                                              Samantha Stanley

Sarah Winstanley                                                       Donna Pitt


Learner Support

Inclusion Learner Support Mentor                        Lindsay Cook

Aspire Family Engagement Worker                       Sue Goodrum

Literacy Assistant                                                       Caroline Benzies


MUSIC (Instrumental Tutors)                   

Mr W Armstrong
Mr A Bennett
Miss M Whyle
Mr M Landon
Mr P Kwater
Mrs D Savell
Mr C Gaskell
Mr P Leighton Jones
Miss C Pilling
Mrs M Wright

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