School Day

Lunches and Healthy School Status

Lunchtime is divided into two sittings each day.

There are several dining options:

  • Barrow Hall Theatre
  • Library Court café
  • Catering Block

We have Healthy School status and our catering provides high quality and nutritious options. We actively encourage our students to make healthy choices, not only for the long term health benefits but also to help them with their concentration levels in lessons during the school day.


Registration takes place in form rooms at 8.25am. After this time a learner will be marked late in the class register and on School Reports. Arrival after 9.00am legally is recorded as an unauthorised absence unless there are legitimate reasons provided by parent/carers.

Medical & Dental appointments

We ask parents/carers to make these outside school hours unless it is an emergency or urgent situation. Where they are unavoidable, we ask for a dated, signed note in advance. The learner must sign out at the relevant house office before leaving the premises, and sign in again on return.

Holidays during term-time

We are unable to authorise holidays taken during term time.


The following items of equipment are considered to be essential:

• A school bag for exercise books, text books and A4 size folders

• Pencil case: pen, pencil, rubber, sharpener, ruler, compass, protractor and a set of coloured pencils

• A calculator (correct type is available from the LRC)

Personal Belongings

Each learner has access to a locker for their personal effects. Expensive personal belongings should NEVER be brought to school. The school cannot accept responsibility for any items brought into school including mobile phones and personal music players. Mobile phones will be switched off and put away during the school day.

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