Global Learning

Global Learning


There is a strong international dimension within the curriculum at Great Sankey High School.

Our approach to global learning aims to support our students to  foster high aspirations and global understanding to develop our students as global citizens


Great Sankey High School Values


How Global Learning addresses these values
Achievement is for all: be inspired by your school experience.


Global learning inspires our students by thinking about global learning and world issues
Enjoyment for all: be happy and encouraged to participate.


Linking with students across the globe is an enjoyable and rewarding experience
Well-being: feel safe, be supported and have a champion.


Global links foster independence and make students see life through someone else’s eyes
Personalised Learning: receive regular feedback on your progress and next-steps guidance. Students can have a link with a peer in another country and collaborate together on their learning
High Standards and Expectations: seek challenging, meaningful and manageable learning. Sharing our learning globally helps us make connections between what happens in the classroom and the wider world
A pride and place in our community: take responsibility and act as role models and good citizens. Global learning creates global citizens
Life-long learning: have guided future pathways and develop independence and wider employment skills. Our students need to consider global careers, they will be working in a global marketplace
Mutual respect: be polite, tolerant of others and celebrate diversity.


Global learning allows us to celebrate diversity
Confidence: develop resilience, self-belief and aspiration.


Global partnerships and exchange visits help develop resilience, self belief and aspiration
Shared vision: have a voice and access to leadership opportunities.


Working with student leaders in other schools and other countries develops students leadership and learner voice



At Great Sankey we celebrate a variety of events which encourage and support the school’s international dimension such as:

  • Holocaust Memorial Day
  • Great Sankey Memorial Day
  • Remembrance Day
  • Fair Trade Fortnight,
  • World Book Day,
  • European Day of Languages
  • Operation Christmas Child – shoebox appeal
  • We are holders of the Discovering Democracy award and are a Stonewall School

We have joined Afritwin and have a partner school in South Africa Alexander Sinton High, Cape Town

This was the first school that Nelson Mandela visited on the very day he was released from prison, to show his gratitude for the role of their community in fighting for his release.

We are very excited about the opportunities this partnership has for us students and will keep you informed of developments through our news blog.

Our curriculum offers numerous opportunities to develop students understanding of global learning and some ways we do this are:

Modern Foreign Languages

There are lots of opportunities to get involved with activities to broaden horizons. Language Leaders lead language and cultural based projects which include delivering French and Spanish lessons to local primary schools. We run a pen pal club with a school in France:

College Maria Casares115 Rue Ampère, 69140 Rillieux-la-Pape, France Headteacher -Monsieur Dominique DUMONT

We offer a wide range of opportunities for educational study visits abroad including Barcelona, Berlin and Paris which allow students to broaden their horizons and practice their language skills .


In RS students recently returned from a trip to Krakow in Poland while there they visited Auschwitz, Schindlers factory and met a holocaust survivor.  In lessons students study world religions and celebrate diversity.


Design Technology

In DT students look at multi-culturalism and British values and also look at sustainability.  They consider opportunities int eh global job market and have a cultural focus as a GCSE question.


Drama offers a wealth of opportunities to develop global awareness and students look at rights and responsibilities, consider the impacts of War, study Greek theatre and the key skills of co-operation, tolerance and respect.


History lends itself to the rise and fall of the study of the Empire, slavery, Russia, civil rights, wars and equips students with an understanding of the developed world. Trips have included visits to the Battelfields and the Somme.



Students take part in a range of sports including gaelic football and study world dance, they also examine the cultural aspects of world competitions

Trips include a European sports tour and Ski trips to the Alps and USA.



All work in Y8 is based on culture and students in Y7 complete a Britishness project


All students know about a range of global themes and understand the complexity of global issues such as globalisation, population change, economic development and climate change.  In addition to studying parts of the World.

Geography staff run a penpal club with students in Lema Primary School In addition students have the opportunity to take part in field trips to Iceland and Italy.


Students in business look at a range of economic indicators and also consider growth and development and sustainability.  They look at world trade and the impacts of issues such as Brexit.

Duke of Edinburgh

The award scheme offers many opportunities for our students to develop as global citizens.  A team of Y9 students came 3rd in this years D of E Exporting Excellence Challenge.



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