Entitlement  Statement

The Careers Adviser and Coordinator in school is Stacey Lowe and the Senior Leader in charge is Rhianne Bond.

You can contact Stacey by email or via the school main phone number. Stacey is in school every Tuesday and Wednesday.

At GSHS we are committed to giving students a clear programme of unbiased, impartial and up to date CIAG from school and other agencies. The programme is designed to ensure that students are equipped with the advice and guidance to help them realise their full potential.

Students and the decisions they make about their careers, will be treated with respect regardless of ability, age, sex, religion or cultural background.

Information and guidance is provided through a variety of activities. Students will be will be offered support and guidance when it is needed. This includes access to an independent and impartial Careers Advisor.  Career guidance interviews are designed to help students talk about their career aspirations and to give them the research skills to help them make informed decisions. There is a Careers Library in the Learning Resource Centre to help students with their independent research. There is also a Careers notice board which is updated fortnightly with available apprenticeships. It has information also about university open days and industry work experience opportunities, competitions and summer schools.

From Year 7, all of our students follow a programme which helps them to understand the world of work. We make sure that all of our students have access to the appropriate advice about post 16 and post 18 opportunities. Across all of the key stages, students can access meetings and events which will help them with their career planning decisions.


The Careers Programme

 Year 7–  Introduction to Careers: during PSHE, students will begin to think about what a career is, why employment is important and skills employers are looking for. They will begin to think about jobs they might like to do.

Year 8– The Real Game: building on for year 7, the Real Game encourages students to think about their aspirations; they research different jobs and why some jobs are more highly paid than others; they explore financial capability. Advice and guidance on choosing options: students are given the opportunity to explore different paths in their career choices; they also work with the Barrow Hall College Tutor Team to research university courses and choices, opportunities to meet with the Careers Adviser to discuss options.

Year 9– Advice and guidance on choosing options: students are given the opportunity to explore different paths in their career choices; they also work with the Barrow Hall College Tutor Team to research university courses and choices, opportunities to meet with the Careers Adviser to discuss options.

Year 10 and 11– Realising aspirations: students register with Unifrog which helps them to map out their career goals and aspirations; there is advice for students who are considering both apprenticeships and university; there is also advice on writing CVs and interview techniques. All Year 10 students will take part in a week long work experience placement in the summer term and attend a Post 16 day which will allow them to speak to a range of education providers, apprenticeship providers and employers about future opportunities. All Year 11 students take part in the Barrow Hall College Taster Day to experience life as a post 16 student. Parents and careers are also invited to the Barrow Hall College Open Evening to discuss post 16 options at Barrow Hall College where there is a comprehensive advice and guidance programme on post 18 choices. Students are invited to hear guest speakers from business and industry to discuss the world of work and what qualifications, skills and personal qualities employers are looking for. Both year groups will have the opportunity to meet with the Careers Adviser to discuss their post 16 choices.


Careers Links


A one-stop-shop where students can explore their interests, then find and successfully apply for their best next step after school.  Kudos – Careers Software Programme. See Careers Adviser for license code. LiFE (formally Careers for Young People). Careers Information, Advice & Guidance for 16-19 (up to 25 with EHCP) in Warrington.
National Apprenticeship Service official website Careers
Job search engine.  Shows all jobs available in your region.
Careers opportunities in Science and Maths
Careers opportunities in Science and Maths

www.screenskills.comInformation on Careers in TV, Film, Games and Animation
This website is an excellent resource that will allow you to watch video clips of people who have experience of working in a wide range of job sectors from property management, science, marketing, PR and many more.
This is similar to the website and it provides short films on various careers from Medical, Science, Creative & Media to name but a few.

Amazing Apprenticeships Parents Pack

Amazing Apprenticeships Website

Amazing Apprenticeships deliver national projects designed to inform and inspire England’s students about apprenticeships on behalf of the National Apprenticeship Service.

It is not uncommon for employers to use cognitive ability tests. Below you can find links to free example tests and information about aptitude testing.

Volunteering and Enrichment Voluntary Action website – amazing opportunitiesto develop your skills and experiences.
National Citizenship Service programme – take on new challenges, learn new skills and help out your community. Cadets

https://armycadets.comArmy Cadets Cadets Cadets Cadets

Careers Advice for Parents: Careers Advice and Guidance appointments for 18+ in Warrington.

Great Sankey High School Alumni

Why join the GSHS Alumni?

Would you be interested in supporting the school as a mentor? As a volunteer? Giving careers talks? Providing a work experience placement?

  • It’s a way of keeping in touch with school-we can send you information about events.
  • It’s a way of keeping in touch with each other, when you return to school for any reason.
  • It’s a way of giving something back to school, for example if you return to talk or advise students.

If you would like to be involved please send an email to Stacey.lowe@greatsankey.orgincluding the following details:

Company Name:

Contact Name:

Email :

Telephone Number:


When did you leave GSHS?

If you attended University, where was this?

What is your current occupation?

How would you like to support GSHS in the future?

By sending this email you are accepting that-

* No data will be moved or copied from Careers on the school network to any other location.

* No individuals, other that the database administrators, will be given access to the database or the data it contains.

* Data from the Alumni Database will not be distributed in any form.

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