Committee Membership

At Great Sankey High School the board has established a number of sub-committees that it has delegated some responsibilities.  These committees then carry out the delegated responsibilities and activities and report back to the Full Governing Body meetings termly.

Executive Governors Group (EGG) – this is made up of the Chair, Vice Chair and the Chairs of each committee who look at the strategic direction of the Trust.

Finance & Resources (F&R) – Responsible for overseeing all the finance, human resources and business management aspects of the school.  Ensuring that there is a clear and robust challenge to all financial expenditure.  This committee will review the planned budget each year on an annual basis and at every meeting will review both the management accounts and the financial/statutory accounts.

Quality Assurance (QA) – Responsible for reviewing the curriculum, standards, targets and academic performance of the school.  To ensure that the school is on a continual improvement for educational standards and that our children achieve the highest possible results.

Internal Audit (IA) – This committee will review all the internal controls and processes within the school.  There is an annual internal audit plan, which is agreed by the committee on an annual basis, but the committee may also request ad hoc audits to be taken place by our internal auditors as necessary.

Remuneration (Pay) – The remuneration (pay) committee is responsible for reviewing any pay progression proposals annually.  They meet with the Headteacher and SLT members with responsibility for overseeing the pay review, once all pay progression requests have been submitted and reviewed.  They provide an extremely detailed and robust challenge to the process, to ensure that a clear, effective and fair processes has been followed.

The membership of all our committees can be found in the table below:

Co-Opted Tony Earps Y Y Y  Y
Co-Opted David McClelland Y  CHAIR
Co-Opted John Morris  Y Y  Y  Y
Co-Opted Jude Ankers  Y CHAIR  Y
Co-Opted Stuart Ryder  Y
Co-Opted Danielle Preston  Y
Co-Opted Michael Platt  Y  CHAIR  Y
Headteacher Paula Crawley Y Y  Y
Staff Clare Cunningham Y
Parent Ruth Young Y
Parent Blair Fotheringham Y
Parent Malcom Macintosh Y
Parent Caroline Aspey Y Y

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