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Great Sankey High School Alumni

Why join the GSHS Alumni?

It’s a way of keeping in touch with school-we can send you information about events.

It’s a way of keeping in touch with each other, when you return to school for any reason.

It’s a way of giving something back to school, for example if you return to talk or advise students.

Would you be interested in supporting the school as a mentor? As a volunteer? Giving careers talks? Providing a work experience placement? Please let us know below.

Please send an email to including the following details to be added to our employer database:


Company Name:
Contact Name:

Email :
Telephone Number:

When did you leave GSHS?
If you attended University, where was this?
What is your current occupation?
How would you like to support GSHS in the future?

Further Information:


By sending this email you are accepting that-
* No data will be moved or copied from Careers on the school network to any other location.
* No individuals, other that the database administrators, will be given access to the database or the data it contains.
* Data from the Alumni Database will not be distributed in any form.

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