Student Leadership

“Each one of the leaders we respect today was once a child whose potential was identified, shaped and released by those who preceded them as leaders, teachers and other agents of influence.”

George Barna

Great Sankey High School – Student Leadership 2019/ 2020


Our student leaders are our school’s role models. If you are a student with an excellent record of behaviour, attendance, punctuality and uniform then you are a suitable candidate. However, please do not be put off from applying if you are someone who has had problems previously in school but have worked through these.

Prefects are expected to demonstrate the highest standards of behaviour and attitude at all times, providing a positive role model for other students across the school.

This is a perfect role for students in Yr10 and 11 (Current Yr9 & 10) who want to take on extra responsibility, extend their experience and provide themselves with opportunities which will support their applications to college and beyond.

What will Prefects be expected to do?

To help maintain the smooth running of the school by assuming the following responsibilities:

  • Work in collaboration with Head / Deputy Head boy & girl and House Captains
  • Play an active role in the School council with form reps and other Student Leaders
  • Be willing to work on House / whole school charity events
  • Assist with Year 6 Transition days
  • Be a tour guide at Open Evening / Parents’ evenings
  • Be ambassadors for the school – internally & within the local community
  • Contribute to the organisation of the Year 11 yearbook
  • To carry out assigned duties one day per week at break & lunch
  • Representing a link between the students and staff at the school
  • To wear their Prefect badges at all times in school. School Prefects will be allowed into school lunch first, providing Prefect badges are worn.

What is Peer Mentoring?

Entering High School as a year 7 student can be a daunting experience. However, our Peer Mentors take on a great deal of responsibility for ensuring that the transition from Primary to Secondary is as smooth as possible.

Those students who are successful with their application to become a Peer Mentor will attend a formal Peer Mentor training day in the final half term of this year to best prepare them for September. After a morning spent learning counselling skills and looking at the responsibilities that come with leadership, the Peer Mentors will spend the afternoon taking part in Team Building activities.

The Peer Mentors will be introduced to the new Year 7 students at Induction & Transition Day at the end of June / start of July. They will spend time answering questions about the school and help the students to become familiar with GSHS.

From September, the Peer Mentors will be attached to a Year 7 form and meet up with their attached forms during PSHE each fortnight. This will provide an opportunity for the Peer Mentors to work alongside the students in the form and help to advise the students when it comes to homework, friendship problems and also support students with issues such as the safe use of social media.

Peer Mentors will also work on a rota for the Buddy Drop-in at break and lunch, providing students from all years with the opportunity to engage in an informal chat or, for any student with a particular worry, to confide in a Peer Mentor personally. This way any potential problems can hopefully be picked up and quickly resolved.

Together the Student Leadership Team will:

  • Be a positive role model and set a good example at all times to other students through compliance with school rules, regular attendance, punctuality, appropriate dress and good presentation, responsible behaviour at all times, achieving a positive work rate and meeting deadlines with homework / coursework.
  • Exhibit positive personal qualities such as reliability, responsibility, leadership skills, communication skills, co-operation with both peers and adults, self-discipline, politeness, confidence to speak in public, helpfulness and be capable of earning the respect of peers and adults.
  • Act as mentor or ‘buddy’ for younger students, offering help, support and advice.
  • Act as the voice of the students in House / School Council meetings
  • Willingly assist with the smooth running of the school during the school day by regularly and reliably performing duties.
  • Act as an Ambassador for the school at school events, within both the school and local community.
  • Ensure that school rules are adhered to, promote and uphold appropriate behaviour and dress around the school environment, supervise corridors and aid the smooth movement of students around school to prevent students congregating in certain school.
  • Be involved with all aspects of school life, both within the school day and in their own time including extra-curricular activities, inter-house events, charity work, house assemblies and trips.
  • Be willing to give up their own time when required to assist with events such as Open Evening, Induction & Parents Evenings and Presentation Evenings.
  • Play a significant part in the settling in of the new Year 7 students, by supporting the Year 6 students throughout their induction visit / transition to GSHS and ensuring the Year 7 students are happy when they join the school in September.
  • Show initiative and be able to work independently and as part of a team, in order to generate new ideas and develop them.


National Takeover Day

This year this takes place on 21st November.  The day gives students the chance to work with our staff for the day and be involved in decision-making. Students  benefit from the opportunity to experience the world of work and make their voices heard, while we  gain a fresh perspective on what our students need.  Watch our news blog for updates about this years event.

  • Students gain in stature and maturity as they move through the sixth form and leave as confident, articulate and responsible young people who are well prepared for the future.
    Ofsted 2010
  • Students' make an excellent contribution to the wider community through extensive fundraising for numerous national and charitable causes.
    Ofsted 2010
  • The best work experience students we have ever had.  I would honestly employ the three of them right now.
    Little Acorns
  • Students enjoy themselves immensely, because they have so many oppurtunities for success and to develop their special talents in an exciting and very well-tailored curriculum.
    Ofsted 2010
  • Starting Great Sankey High School has been like a dream for me.  Making new friends, the excitement of a new building...
    Year 7 Student
  • This is an outstanding school. It serves the needs of all groups of students exceptionally well. Parents are overwhelmingly supportive. Students enjoy school immensely because they have so many opportunities for success
    Ofsted 2010

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